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De schakel tussen uw product en techniek

Hoogendijk Agro, Wieringerwerf, Holland

Build of a new storage and processing facility for winter carrots, including triple loading pit (3000 m2)

Agrofocus made the logistic design including estimation of costs. After the licensing process the construction procurement was succesful. Early September the instructions were provided for the build of the cold stores and construction of the ammonia installation, light and power station, and heating and water installation. Meanwhile the paving of the courtyard was purchased.

The open house was a great success and attracted almost a thousand visitors.

Michel and Stefan Hoogendijk:”We wanted to extend the existing building, as the soil next to the building was not for purchase. We thought. However, due to the tenacity of Agrofocus we made a compromise with our neighbours. This is going to give us a lot of joy the next thirty years!”

Details: The project is according to the international hygiene requirements. Cooling with ammonia.

"This is going to give us a lot of joy the next thirty years!"