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De schakel tussen uw product en techniek

Mopabloem, Rijsenhout, Holland

Mopabloem in Rijnsburg is specialized in forcing tulips on water. Mopabloem delivers ready packed tulips to grocery chains all over the world. In collaboration with VidoFleur in Achthuizen, an existing pot plants plantation is being rebuild into a tulip forcing company. In the end of 2013 the production of ca. 25 million tulip shafts will start.

Agrofocus made a logistic  multiannual plan including cost estimation. After financing was guaranteed, the licensing process was run through. We made the technical drawings, constructional and installation specifications and contract. Meanwhile construction is in full swing.

New build 1600 m2 shed with 8 preparation cells, 135 m2 extra office space and a triple loading pit. Moreover a part of the existing greenhouses will be provided with ca. 6.000 m2 extra concrete flooring.

Status: week 43: completion. Since 1st of December the greenhouses are filled with hotbeds.

"Your experience with tulip forcing on a big scale was extremely valuable. "