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De schakel tussen uw product en techniek

Building phase specifications

A contractor will never voluntarily make a specification, because then  the quality requirements, warranties and delivery terms  including penalty clause are explicitly defined.

With guidance from Agro Focus you will stay in control in financial matters until the contract phase; we will submit the quality standards beforehand  which the contractor needs to take into account. A common example is the discussion how flat the floor should be, particularly important in (very) high stacking. We will document this after consultation with you in the specifications.

The specification also indicates which parts will be performed by other companies (e.g. cold stores and equipment) and which facilities the contractor must bring for those third parties.

The specifications and drawings we’ll send to four interested and qualified contractors. After three weeks we will consider  the best offer, and open negotiations.

With a good specification and drawings, you will get the best price-quality ratio.