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De schakel tussen uw product en techniek


To be able to start building many permits are often needed. Even for this you have come to the right place!

More and more often the plan appears not to fit within the existing land-use planning. Then a (time-consuming) procedure must be followed, sometimes through the municipality, sometimes through the province. Matters of concernĀ  at this stage:

  • water test (water retention compensation);
  • nature and ecology (flora and fauna);
  • soil test (historical and / or exploratory soil investigation);
  • cultural heritage and archeology;
  • occasionally: air quality, noise and external security.

After this the so-called technical test on the following components comes into play:

  • demolition permit;
  • felling;
  • aesthetics committee
  • environment;
  • construction;
  • energy achievement new buildings (EPN) and daylight;
  • fire safety.

Many projects are too large after completion to be considered as one fire compartment. With a heat load calculation and related report based on Controllability of Fire (BvB) that is sometimes arguably unnecessary. Otherwise, fire walls should be placed.

We take care of the planning application (environmental permit) from the digital counter.