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De schakel tussen uw product en techniek

Vissers Strawberryplants, America

In a new complex 3 big storage cells, 5 flow cells and a traffic space will be build, in order to store strawberry plants. One cold storage is suitable as freezer unit at -20C.

Agrofocus specified the cooling capacity and the air distribution for the above mentioned cells. The right air distribution is tuned on the logistic processes. The temperature variation is minimal. We described the process control and subsequently reviewed the cooling technical quotes. In addition Agrofocus developed the constructional aspects of the cooling cells, in order to minimalize energy losses and guarantee uniform storage conditions.

Leon Vissers: “As a leading supplier of strawberry plants, quality has a high priority. At Agrofocus they know what’s needed for that. Due to their expertise we were able to buy a fine cooling installation for a competitive price.”

Details: 1 mW ammonium cooling, or 1.000 kW!!